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Take Time To Revitalize Yourself 

These days, we tend to take care of our cars better then our bodies. Self care can be thought of as an oil change for your car.  Take the time to feel the potential of your true self. You don't know how good your body can feel, until you've felt it for yourself!

Book online if your ready for some pain relief, facial rejuvenation, or  infertility treatments! 

seasonal info 

The office has reopened and is now taking appointments over the phone. All new patients may fill out intake forms before hand if possible.


If interested in making an appointment or have any questions, please call (915) 581-5440, and leave a message.

At the moment the office is accepting cash, check, vemno and cashapp as payment. 


Check out what foods you can incorporate into your lifestyle to keep your organs healthy.

"Let thy food by thy medicine" _Hippocrates

Johnson's Backyard Garden Veggies
Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment

Office Location

The Office is located off  Mesa Street straight up Thunderbird Drive toward the mountain. It is  the door on the right in Suite 1.  Please ring  the bell for assistance. 

310 Thunderbird Suite 1 

El Paso, TX 79912

(915) 581-5440  

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