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What to DO & NOT DO while pregnant

Before Pregnancy

• Moxa below navel with moxa box for 30mins a day. Or with moxa stick in a clockwise motion.

• Eat cooked foods only. NO ice cream, ice water, iced tea, juice, yogurt, cheese, milk, cream, or raw food (including salad or fruit).

• Keep lower abdominal region, lower back, and buttocks region warm. These areas should always be covered with clothes. No swimming in cold water or sitting on cold surfaces.

•Tack ovulation using Clearblue testing device not the sticks. Intercourse should be planned around ovulation (3x before, 3x during, 2x after.)

• Go to sleep early, no later then 10PM- the earlier the better. No TV-watching or phones/computers allowed in bed.

• Treat yourself and your body like you are pregnant already. (No Alcohol or drug use).

What to DO while pregnant

• Take prenatal vitamins daily. Make sure it contains calcium, folic acid (in the form of Folate) & DHA, & omega 3 fatty acids.

• Take a daily nap when your body needs it.

• Get teeth cleaned by a dentist 2x while pregnant.

• Be careful with sugar intake. Excess Sugar can lead to gestational diabetes.

• 1 acupuncture treatment a week during the 1st trimester. To support a healthy pregnancy, as well as help with any morning sickness/fatigue.

• No treatment until week 32 unless patient has symptoms.

• At 32 weeks treatment begins 1x a week until week 38.

•At week 38 treatment is 2x a week to start inducing labor.

• Check for breech position at week 32. If breeched, acupuncture treatment begins 2x a week till baby turns.

What to NOT DO while pregnant

• No raw or smoked fish or uncooked things (runny egg yolk).

• Certain fish (high mercury) Tuna, Tilapia, Swordfish, Shark, Marlin, Northern Pike, King Mackerel, orange roughy, tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico.

• NO Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs.

• Limit caffeine to 1 cup a day.

•No Hot baths. If you take bath water must be warm NOT hot. (NO HOT TUBS)

• Be Careful with what you put on skin and breathe. Do not put harsh chemicals (nail polish hair dye) or lotions on. Stay away from paint and smoke.


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